Wang Hua Lei

Ignatius Wang Hua Lei – Co-Founder and Director of Creative Fountain Pte Ltd

Ignatius graduated from Dept. Physics, Tsinghua University in 1987. Since then, he has been group leader of IC testing research (IC Test Technology Center) and technical support of Advantest Beijing Office. He was also in-charge of semiconductor test & product engineering in UTAC and STATSChipPac. In UTAC, Ignatius has been successful leading his group to launch 12” wafer sort, bump wafer sort, RF wafer sort and MPW wafer sort process.

In Creative Founatian P/L, Ignatius is taking charge of operation, marketing and finance strategy for product LongCube which is File Aggregator, Cloud Manager, Encrypted Backup and Personal Page Manager.

Ignatius has also built-up extensive relationship with online and off-line media in China and Singapore. He retained twenty-six years of expertise in management in technology and media operation. Being public-spirited, he is the committee member of Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association, general secretary of XinSheng Poetry Society and director of SGWRITINGS Culture Association.

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