Electrochemical Deburring(ECD)Process

Electrochemical Deburring(ECD)Process

ECD is one of fast high tech process to remove all the BURR & SHARP edges after all metal machining/cutting processes created. The technology have been highly used in U.S.A  for the manufacture process.  There is nothing in currently at Asia at this time for this ECD process.

Summary of the ECD Machine Benefit:

Cost Saving:

One ECD machine could replace more then 15 people of labor workers.

Market & Application:

•Aircraft / Aerospace Industry
•Surgical and Medical Instruments 
•Medical, Dental and Hospital Equipment 
•Orthopedic Appliances 
•Defense Industry 
•Computer Hardware 
•Power Generation Products
•Metal Products Manufacturing 
•Metal Fabricators 
•HVAC Equipment 
•Pumps and Hydraulics 
•Electronic Parts and Components 
•Automotive Parts Suppliers

Time Process:

The average process time falls within a range of 9-90 seconds. There are parts, which may require several minutes, and others that require only 1 second. Multiple parts processed at the same time will often require a slightly longer cycle time than if only one of the parts were processed.


Electrolyte is environmental friendly and is near neutral. The PH will control at 5.8-6.8 region. It’s non-fuming and non-volatile.
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