IC Cafe Singapore serves as a community where startup companies go to work on their projects. Our rich experience consultant team can help to do start-up support. And our talents will have access to a big networking and a linking-hub where there are a lot of  reference documents, job boards, and the venture capitalists. With some early-stage startups working in the office at any given time, IC Cafe Singapore has become a go-to place for entrepreneurs to meet, exchange ideas, and in a dozen instances which serves similar role as an incubator for Singapore startups.

The main role for IC Cafe Singapore includes:

• One-stop hub to incubate for New Tech, IC & IT startups
• Consultation of New Tech, IC & IT industry development and evolution
• Networking hub across industrial and academia resource
• Entrepreneurial resource acquisitions from Silicon Valley of USA, China (www.iccafe.com) and Singapore (www.iccafe.sg)
• Training and seminars for New Tech, IC and IT professionals, trends on IoT, Big-Data, AI, Semicon (IC) and Materials…
• Sharing of facilities and meeting rooms from office
IC Cafe Singapore provides a much needed refuge where likeminded people can sit, chat, compare notes, and share their stories. We improves the relationships between shareholders from IC and IT industry, who originally relied almost on the internet or government related associations to form contacts.
We arranges meetings and organizes workshops on technology and business every month.  Since the establishment, IC cafe has organized more than gatherings, with themes including e-commerce, network security, IC market and distribution, and the mobile internet. So far, IC Cafe Singapore has a fun group of more than 700 people, the workshops have attracted nearly 1,000 attendees, and we have around 100+ successful events since 2013
Singapore has its unique proposition as one of the most innovative and preferable locations for businesses, it also serves as the hub for many famous MNCs to open branches or setup the headquarters. Singapore government has put numerous efforts and setup policies to encourage innovation and startup enterprises. With the close collaboration with IC Cafe China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi’an, etc) and IC Cafe Silicon Vally, IC Cafe Singapore is able to leverage the huge business opportunities from China and US, and helps those companies to bring businesses to Singapore, as well as to help Singapore based startups to expand their business globally.
Our great founding members and resource:
We setup in year 2014 by more than 40+ professionals with ample experience from Singapore. Majority of those professionals are currently withhold middle to senior management role and 70% of them are master and doctorate degree holders.  The intention of setting up IC Cafe is to provide a platform for Semicon(IC) and IT related professionals and entrepreneurs to meet, share ideas and learn from each other. Come and join us, cheers!
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